synchronize -delete -criteria=both remote d:\test\dirToUpload testFTP/

If I modify the content of the file to upload, it will be not uploaded. If I change the command with -critera=size, it works fineā€¦

And a little question for a good understanding of the parameter criteria=both : For example: I change the content of my local file for just one octet, the size is the same. Then I want to upload it to a ftp site with the synchronize remote command, the synchronize parameter criteria=both means :

  • file size modification AND time modification ? (In this case, the file will not be uploaded (because the file has the same size))
  • file size modification OR time modification ?(In this case, it will.)

OR is true. However note that some FTP servers report timestamp with minute (or even hour) precision only. Hence if you change the file too soon after the last change, WinSCP may not notice the difference. Can this be a cause of your problem? If possible use SFTP.