Sticking to its roots won’t cut it because Facebook-style social networking has already failed in China.

Renren, the company widely labeled as ‘China’s Facebook,’ has long since pivoted.

But WeChat goes beyond messaging. It is the internet, and more.

Then there’s the fact that, in China, your Western brand means very little. 美国艺术评论家芭芭拉•波拉克(Barbara Pollack)对此点评道 :“在赵赵眼中,这恰好例证了中国式思维的糟粕,比如仿冒品好过正品,比如微博、微信是Facebook和Twitter的有效替代。由此而来的这件装置直接将观众带入这场家庭冲突,正品和仿冒品之间的对比一目了然。”