Part 1</a>
Part 2 – Internals</a>

In my blog post on my new sp_helpindex proc (sp_helpindex2</a>), I mentioned that the indexes in my sample were not necessarily a recommended set of indexes – just a test set of indexes. So… in this post, I thought I'd start a series on indexes, limitations and best practices/uses… Especially, why/how to best choose when to use INCLUDE v. having columns in your key. To start, I thought I'd give some background, as well as limitations that exist in various releases from 2005 to 2008 CTP6 (Feb CTP), plus what's expected </em>in the SQL Server 2008 RTM (ah… I did say "expected" so don't come back and yell at me if/when I'm wrong </em>;-))

First, let's go through a few rules and limitations and background:

SQL Server 2005</strong>