Show Highlights

Why love (and romance) is overrated, and how it leads us astray
Why you should follow your brain, not your gut
The part that romance does play in a relationship
Why the Bennetts’ approach to relationships is actually old fashioned
Instead of searching for a soul mate, why you should think of yourself as a “romance recruiter”
What to look for in a long-term partner
Why you shouldn’t enter into a relationship thinking that you can change people characteristics
The “Liz Lemon Dealbreakers” to look for in a relationship
How to battle the feel-good chemicals that blind us to bad relationships
The importance of having a friend who can tell you the truth about your relationships
Attributes that we think make for a good partner, but really don’t
How charisma can get in the way of a relationship
Why Jane Austen would enjoy F*ck Love
How communication in a relationship is actually overrated
Does your familial relationship predict anything about your romantic relationships?
The potential relational downsides of being physically attractive
Why someone who isn’t as physically attractive shouldn’t lose hope about dating and relationships
Advice for folks who are already married or in a long-term relationship
How to think of your partner’s annoying habits or undesirable characteristics