What if I told you fear was only in your mind What if I told you the only thing that existed is what we see and believe What if I told you that you are like god you created your world What if I told you that we are all nothing but energy Those atoms aren’t solid and neither are we

I can prove it When I was a child I was told I was ugly I was stupid I was fat But I decided I would be smart beautiful and strong I changed myself into that and now I am that

I am my own king and queen I bow before no one I am no ones servant or slave Nor is anyone mine I am not afraid of who is in charge Because I know I am the only one in charge Of my own destiny

If I rise or fall it is by my doing I am responsible for my reality I am also a student to the teacher of existence When things happen that hurt I ask teacher what is the lesson

What if I told you The main reason we are unhappy Is we have given up our power We have chosen to believe We have no control We are but by-standers to the dictation Of kings or presidents But that just keeps you a well behaved slave

what if we wait for no one what if we find whatever way we can to create the change

we want to see in the world

I am my own king

my own president my own master my change may be small but to me it is far better then doing nothing at all ~ Ritual ~