To sleep with you or to be slept, what’s the difference if there’s any? Two bodies collide — the force, the flower pushed open by the force, the virtual spring in the flowering — nothing more than this, and this we mistake as life restarting. In half of China, things are happening: volcanoes erupting, rivers running dry, political prisoners and displaced workers abandoned, elk deer and red-crowned cranes shot. I cross the hail of bullets to sleep with you. I squeeze many nights into one morning to sleep with you. I run across many of me and many of me run into one to sleep with you. Of course I can be misled by butterflies and mistake praise as spring, a village similar to Hengdian as home. But all these are absolutely indispensable reasons that I sleep with you.

by Yu Xiuhua fromPoetry International Web .

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其实,睡你和被你睡是差不多的,无非是 两具肉体碰撞的力,无非是这力催开的花朵 无非是这花朵虚拟出的春天让我们误以为生命被重新打开

大半个中国,什么都在发生:火山在喷,河流在枯 一些不被关心的政治犯和流民 一路在枪口的麋鹿和丹顶鹤

我是穿过枪林弹雨去睡你 我是把无数的黑夜摁进一个黎明去睡你 我是无数个我奔跑成一个我去睡你

当然我也会被一些蝴蝶带入歧途 把一些赞美当成春天 把一个和横店类似的村庄当成故乡

而它们 都是我去睡你必不可少的理由