Last night I deleted everyone’s phone number except my family, my business partners, best friend and my sales associates. I have NO men’s number on my phone. Shopping is always more important than men. Now I have 23 contacts. . I am not planning to save anyone’s phone number unless. . 1 You make me money. 2 You are going to bail me out of jail.

  1. You are the most important people in my life. . Crazy? Maybe. I realized I don’t have the phone numbers of most of my closest friends. I don’t need them. We are on social. . With all the social networks, our circle grows. Sometimes we forget to focus on the most important people in our lives. . So boys, if you need me, you will have to find me. . Maybe one day you will be relevant enough for me to save your number. . Less is more. — Dreaming about Venice today. Tempting to add to my travel list for 2017. Should I? Have you been to Venice? — 📌 Venice —