I’m from Russia (excuse me for my English) and I want to add that while our government engaged foreign policy and builds himself the protagonist of the sandbox (foreign policy, no doubt, important. But the main thing should take care of the population of every country is its people. And it never happens) ordinary people, workers, children, women and old people automatically fall into the category of the most vulnerable citizens, if they are not from a rich family.

A little retreat and say that Moscow is Moscow, and Russia - is another matter… We in Russia say that Moscow is a separate state. Yes, here (in Moscow), bad air, bad water; angry, depressed people who are sick. With regard to health, the whole Russian system is shit. If someone got sick of the officials or their children they get medical treatment abroad - In the USA, Igraine or Germany (probably you know that the medicine in Russia is shit), if you’re ordinary people, they can receive free treatment, which is no better than paid, many of us say that it is better to die than to go to the hospital, many do.

(give an example from life: one morning my friend woke up with a swollen cheek, we went to the hospital. We were told that we need to pull a tooth and pulled out, not waited for the anesthesia to kick in, she felt a terrible pain. As told by my physician friend looked more like a butcher than a doctor. Old medical equipment is not credible, and the doctor was naked to the waist! . But the essence not in it. The next day, swelling stald even more, we again went to the hospital, but another doctor (both times for a fee, hoping that money will do much better) he said He pulled out a healthy tooth, and cheek swelled up quite another. So my friend having gone through a lot of stress, experiencing a lot of pain and spending money, lost two teeth and absolutely no one to call to account for it. So in all areas.

here is most of our hospitals from the inside:

copy to Google the phrase and see pictures - “Российская больница изнутри” it means - a Russian hospital from the inside. or use the Google translator to see photos that interest you about Russia.

As for roads… I don’t even know where to start… the Russians like to say that Russia has only two problems - fools and roads (very old saying). For example, in city of Togliatti Samara region (which is considered the automotive capital of Russia) the roads are such that when you ride them, it seems that will lose the remnants of teeth that you do not have time to deprive unskilled doctors-sadists.

copy the phrase into Google “Дороги в России” means that the roads in Russia and see the picturies.

traffic jams in Moscow/автомобильные пробки в Москве:

Separately want to say about salaries. (not taking into account Moscow, because the social gap is just huge). Take for example Togliatti. Salary from 8 to 18 thousand rubles for 4 weeks. (We wages is considered to be a month of work and get it 1-2 times a month). In our dollar exchange rate is about 31 - 69$ per week, despite the fact that food products are very expensive in comparison with wages. And for that we work 60 hours or more a week.

For example 1 liter of milk costs 1 dollar to 1.75, cheese - 8.76 dollars per kg, seafood$ 17 for pounds. Minimum sarona Board in Russia, to 2016 is 115$ per month and subsistence $110 a month.The cheapest jeans are 38$. Community expenditure for their own apartment can reach$ 70 a month for two people. Interest rates on loans from 12% to 48% per year. Unemployment benefits 13$ (per month) or$ 75 per month. approximately 48.5 percent of our population can be called poor. The country in which the poor every second person can be considered a rich country. The country - people, and the people here as slaves. Mostly angry. God forbid you be LGTB or to say something bad about the “Tsar of all the Russias” - Vladimir Putin… stoned or killed, and all is still.

Live many pensioners, who worked all his life:

The only way to survive here is to be silent and not stand out, to make ends meet, and eat pasture. Due to the fact that alcohol and cigarettes are cheaper than food, we have a lot of alcoholics, rampant depression, drug abuse, theft, stealing and coruption. Here it is what Russia would.

I Want that you have understood correctly - I love my country, we have a great story, but I was deeply hurt to see what happens with the people of this great country. Degradation, hunger and poverty. You, and us about it on TV won’t tell, that’s politics. But ordinary people far removed from politics, at least in our country.