A kingdom can’t have 2 kings. That is the truth alpha women often forget.

“He kept talking about how wealthy and successful he is. It’d impress most women. It pissed me off.” She talked about her lost love.

“He wants to feel powerful. We sit at the same table not the one below.”

“He made me realized, I don’t want him at all.”

“Just go shopping. Hermes, Gucci, Prada won’t wake up and tell you they don’t love you anymore. You can totally afford them without men. That’s the beauty of being us.”

“Life is happy when I am selfish. I don’t want to take care or worship anyone. I’m much happier when I feel the power is within me.”

Alpha women love chasing alpha men. They see themselves in the men. But they are both pains the @$$ for the other.

After a stressful work day, nobody wants to come home to argue or be challenged.

Alpha couples are amazing in business. They bring out the best, but also the worst in themselves. Their romances are fun and spontaneous. But their relationships are nightmares. The games never end. They only get worse.

Two competitive twisted manipulative people who want to be the best. Nobody wants to settle being second. They create the best wars.

People often want to be with the people they love. They forget that not everyone they love is meant to be with them.

There are 2 types of people. The 1 who wants to rule the house & the 1 who wants to rule the world.

Every relationship needs a hustler, who wants to take over the world and a person who keeps the house together. That is why alpha couple rarely works. They both want to take over the world and let the house fall apart.

At the end of the day, be with someone who makes you better not worse. Find the person who completes, you not another version of yourself.

Alpha men are meant to be the lost loves for alpha women. The beauty of lost loves is that they last forever. Enjoy the moment and let it go with the wind.

For the man who taught me, you are the wrong person for me.