Top 5 Signs that She’s a Gold-digger

She knows the exactly prices difference between a Hermès Birkin and a Kelly, something no one under the age of 40 should.

She never offers to pay – A friend of mine recalls taking a girl out on a date, and when they stepped out of the car, he gently reminded her that she forgot her purse, to which she replied, “oh, I don’t need it.” He never asked her out again.

She has expensive taste – A physician friend was super-excited about reconnecting with a high-school crush, but was equally disappointed when she only showed enthusiasm if the date involved going a Laker game, a concert, or expensive restaurants.

She has no problem accepting gifts that she can’t afford herself – It’s one thing to keep gifts from ex-boyfriends, it’s another to accept extravagant gifts.

She acts like an auditor on the 1st date – Wealthy men are (rightfully) sensitive about inquiries into their financials and frankly, there’s no good reason to ask until you’re about to tie the knot.

Some of the other commenters recommend hiding the wealth. Seriously, unless you have no social networking presence (like me), they can easily Google you and find out quite a bit of information.

A Practical Solution

My Top 5 was kind of in jest – if a woman acts that obvious, then shame on her for having no game. This may seem overly simplistic, but the most effective way to weed out gold-diggers is to look for women who are invested in their careers: healthcare professionals, teachers, even animal shelter volunteers (being an animal-lover is always a good sign). Women with fulfilling careers or strong passions are more likely to feel like they’re equals, even if the pay isn’t.

Those who are unemployed, minimally employed, or casually employed should raise red-flags. Now that I think of it, the one time I dated a “part-time model”, who never seem to have real gigs, things did not go well . Let’s just say I never thought I’d have anything to do with the FBI in my life. Then again, the signs were all there: She had an apartment in Newport Beach, drove a Lexus, and check this, bought a dog and named him “Chopard” (after the Swiss luxury brand). Now I just need to wait for someone to post the question, “What’s it like dating a gold-digger” and I can share the story.