“It’s messy in the nursery and neat and tidy in the graveyard” - Mike Pilavachi

I mentioned how unhappy I was with the 2 leaders at our church a while ago (they’re basically very narrow minded in lots of ways and also try and push their views on others…). I was very close to leaving and going to church somewhere else, but I’ve stuck it out and we’ve got the point at the moment where most services are taken by the leaders and the services are very…sober,…respectable…straightlaced..

And then every so often, permission is given for the youth to take a service, like this morning, and the whole atmosphere changes. It’s…messy…unorganised…but lots of people are involved… So the youth led the worship and I took communion. The worship was great - toddlers playing percussion, it was vibrant, worshipful, free. I did my talk, served the bread and wine, and then put on the song that I mentioned in my last post - ‘Unconditional Love’ by the indie band Dissident Prophet. As I was sitting there, praying/listening to the music, I thought to myself - I wonder if I’m going to get any complaints? We carried on and it was a great service overall. The whole thing felt fresh and it was a pleasure to be part of. And so far, I’ve only had positive comments, not from the two leaders, but from other people…so we’ll see…. :)

Power to the little people!