There’s no such thing as work-life balance</a>. It simply doesn’t exist. This short film from The School of Life</a> explains why that is—and why that’s great:

Our brains are not designed or evolved to be maximally efficient at any one thing</strong>…. The price we pay for being generalists is that we’ll be less good at any one of the many activities we perform than someone who did only one thing their whole life long….

We should realize that our less than completely optimal performance is down to one very understandable thing: that we’ve chosen breadth and variety over total focus</strong> and narrow perfection. And that’s a very wise choice</strong>….

Unfortunately our society has set up an absurd idea that it will be possible to do many things and do them all completely well…. A perfectly optimal career and a perfectly optimal home life. This is a mad idea…. That you’re doing too much and none of it without mistakes isn’t a sign that your life has gone wrong; it’s a sign of a very wise and understandable position: that you’ve opted for imperfect variety over flawless focus.</blockquote>
Instead of fretting over maintaining that mythical state of balance between your work and your personal life (which for many creatives and entrepreneurs are the same thing anyway) in which you’re killing it in both areas and keeping them in perfect proportion, focus on being the
most effective version of yourself</a> </strong>across the board by playing to your strengths and investing in yourself. Not the most flawless or the most organized or the most productive version of yourself; the most effective.

And savor the fact that you get to be so many different things for so many different people towards so many different ends. As the film states, “Work-life balance is impossible because everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”</strong>