Christophe despised cosmopolitan society, whose only aim</strong> and creed was pleasure</strong>.—In truth it is good to seek pleasure, to desire pleasure for all men, to combat the cramping pessimistic beliefs, that have come to weigh upon humanity through twenty centuries of Gothic Christianity. But that can only be upon condition that it is a generous faith</strong>, earnestly desirous of the good of others</strong>. But instead of that, what happens? The most pitiful egoism</strong>. A handful of loose-living men and women trying to give their senses the maximum of pleasure with the minimum of risk, while they take good care that the rest shall drudge for it.—Yes, no doubt, they have their parlor Socialism!… But they know perfectly well that their doctrine of pleasure is only practicable for "well-fed" people, for a select pampered few, that it is poison to the poor….</strong>
"The life of pleasure is a rich man's life."</strong>